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FAQ: Questions and answers

1. Who are we?
We innovative investment platform.

2. Who can invest?
Investing can absolutely everyone, no limits.

3. What investment plans do you offer?
We offer one of the most beneficial plans: 200% profit 24 hours.

4. What money do you accept?
Currently, only deposit can be made through the system Payeer (USD).

5. How to make my first deposit?
Step 1. Enter your wallet Payeer (login / registration)
Step 2. Pay the deposit

6. What is the minimum and maximum deposit amount?
The minimum amount of deposit - 5 USD, maximum - 100 USD. You can send multiple deposits.

7. Can I make a few deposits?
Yes, but the amount of each deposit should not exceed 100 USD.

8. After some time, my deposit will appear on the list?
New deposits appear in the list automatically, but sometimes this process can take up to 15 minutes.

9. What you need to do to get paid?
Payments are made completely automatically within 24 hours after the deposit.

10. Why does my deposit was gone from the list?
Probably in your browser erased cookies. Go authorization again and go to "My deposits".

11. How much will I get a referral?
You will receive 10% of your referrals immediately replenish your wallet!

12. How can I contact you
If you have any additional questions - go to Support.

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